Creation of "The Vine" candle holder. Behind the scene. Guest post by VZBRELO

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This is one the guest posts by the VZBRELO girls. You can find a list of all their "behind the scene" posts here.
Isn't this candle-holder absolutely magical? Elfs are lining up for this! :)
Let's watch how it is made! Maria, the author, will tell us her story.

Hi, I am Maria. Here is one of my new works. If you are reading this blog, you've seen some of my other posts here. Today I am inviting you behind the scene. You will see how I've created this candle holder. The idea of it was quick, however, the making was not fast at all. It took me longer than any of my other projects.

I started with a drawing as usual:

It does not look like a hard work yet:

Looks rough for now:

Getting somewhere! What needed to be rounded, got rounded, what needed to be removed, got removed:

I am ready for texturing:

The design of the candle holder base follows the direction of the vine. I did not think of the wood grain when I started working on it, but that was ok with the lime tree that I used. I love working with the conifers, but I am glad it weren't any of those... They are not as forgiving to the artist who do not think about things like that beforehand! 

Now I am staining:

Finally I can assemble and lacquer it!

I cannot always remember to photograph every step... So I skipped some while attaching the crystals... Sorry!

All done! (and I am quite proud of the result!)

Thank you for reading my story!

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Here are a few more pictures of the details:


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