How to wear jewelry at the beach

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wearing jewelry at the beach is a big no-no. Used to be... and still is. There are ways to go around this "no-no", I can through a few suggestions at you :) But first let's see why wearing jewelry at the beach is not a good idea.
Turquoise cocktail ring
(turquoise can get discolored by salt water and scratched by sand)

 2 big reasons not to wear fine jewelry to the beach:

  1. It is easy to lose your jewelry in the water. Fingers shrink, earrings' locks unlock as well as chains' locks. You feel sorry, but too late. 
  2. Jewelry gets destroyed. There are a few ways how it can happen:
  • The sand will scratch pretty much anything. It has hardness of quartz, so any metal and a stone with the hardness lower than quartz' will get scratch. Metals can be re-polished, but the stones can or cannot be, depending on your piece. 
  • Salt and water will rust your stainless steel jewelry.Corrosion can happen on other metals too.
  • Some stones can lose their color on the sun or in the salt water.
 So, what are we supposed to do? Not to wear jewelry at the beach? This is an option! Jewelry at the beach will stop you from getting even suntan :) But if you really-really want it, look into getting some not fine jewelry. Something on a cheaper side. You need to be ready for your jewelry to get destroyed or lost. Simple strands of beads made with hemp or any kind of inexpensive beaded jewelry with agates, beach glass or shells will be perfect for the beach. 

Monday Jewelry Quotes

This is such a beautiful explanation for why we need an engraving on a ring. Love it! 
Now I just need to find my engraving tools and wipe the dust off them :) 

Wide silver band with a writing in Russian :) There is something written here ;)

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