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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good question! 
Well, you need to start with a rock hammer.... Then... well, it's a long story... I will tell it some other time.. :)

Beautiful nature

We were lucky enough to come across this swan family. There were nobody else around... We watched the babies to hatch!

Toronto zoo, 2009

DIY by Katya Ryazanova. Let's make a candle holder of a brandy glass!

Katya Ryazanova shares a wonderful DIY project today. Look at this fabulous candle holder! It is made of a brandy glass. Let's watch (and learn) how she did it!

Katya Ryzanova is one of my featured guest bloggers. She has quite a few guest posts in my blog. You can find a list of them here.

You will need:

- A brandy glass
- A piece of paper tissue
- One-step craquelure
- An acrylic paint of your choice
- An acrylic contour for painting on the glass (gold, silver or bronze color)
- A pearl paste
- Some glitter (if you wish)
- A sponge and the brushes for applying paint, varnish and craquelure

Wash your glass thoroughly and dry it well. Cut a motive from your tissue. Make it round or oval. I chose an angel as I was making a Christmas gift. You can choose any picture you like for any occasion.

Put your motive against the glass and apply water with a sponge to it. Start from the center and move to the edges smoothing out all the wrinkles. Let  your motive dry up a bit, then cover it with the acrylic lacquer. Try not to go over the edge of the tissue! Leave it to dry and varnish it again (only the motive and not the glass).

Apply a layer of the one-step craquelure on the whole glass except for the tissue motif. Leave it to dry (follow the manufacturer's instructions). Gently apply a layer of the acrylic paint with a sponge. Try to apply the paint in one layer only so there is no damage to the newly formed cracks! Pay extra attention to the paint that you apply around the tissue motive (I use a small sponge here). You will see the cracks starting to form right away. Let your glass dry well when you are finished. 

Now let's try and hide the edge of the tissue (it is not very pretty!) Use contour and glitter for this operation. Glitter is optional, I just wanted to give my glass a really festive look, so I chose to use it too. Try and choose an ornament that will compliment the picture on your glass. Then let everything dry well.

I decided to add some pearls using the pearl paste. They are going to compliment and enrich my festive ornament!  

I think I can stop now :) Look at the result!

It has a vintage look, don't you agree? It is perfect as a Christmas gift! (It would work as a St.Valentine's Day gift too!)

Katya Ryazanova

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