In order to be pretty, you need...

Monday, October 7, 2013

This is a story from one Russian web-site where people send funny stories that happened to them. It speaks to me so much, that I've decided to share :)

Little boys says: "Mom, why are you not eating?"
- I am on a diet, I want to lose weight to be pretty, - his mom says.
- Mom, are you crazy? In order to be pretty you need beads, not a diet.

Well... I do not need a diet either :) I have beads that can make me pretty :)

Russian jewellery artist and a friend of mine Irina Belinskaya made this beaded rose for me (this rose can be worn as a pin, or hear pin, or a bracelet). Irina did not expect that I had some gem beads perfect for her rose pin! :) Now I have this fantastic bead necklace!
Click here to see other works by Irina (this is a Russian online store). If you do not speak Russian, but wish to contact her,  write Irina through her etsy shop (there are no published works there yet)

Update. If you like this necklace enough to want to have it, let us know too! This is a two-artist project, but we will see what we can do for you.
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