Eco-project for home decoration by VaLon Frandsen

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

(VaLon is my first guest blogger. She has a wonderful creative eco-blog. I am happy that she agreed to write a guest post for me. Her eco-ideas are very inspiring!)

Hey all, I am super excited to be writing a guest post over here! I love to blog, and when we can get the chance to do it and meet new people, I am all for it!

Over at my blog, Things I Green and Do Not Green, I had a little series of posts about short Eco-Tips. Just simple one liners. One of mine was "eco-tip: Do not throw it away, create something." And today I would like to share something that I have done to do that.

Years ago, my family made some window well covers out of wood and plexiglass. They were durable little creatures, however, eventually they broke. We had them in pieces over the window wells for quite some time, and then I decided to do something about them.

I took the wood and created some artwork to hang on the wall. It for actually for a school project, and I later made another out of new wood instead of reclaimed wood, but I always liked this one better. I took the wood, cut it to size, and arranged it in a lovely fashion. I really liked it and when cleaning out my school things couldn't part with it.

It is now for sale, if you would like to buy it. Or, you could just view it on your screen. Or, you could even make one for yourself, with a little hard work and some reclaimed wood, it would be great.

Just remember, that if you have something you think about throwing away, look at it again and see what you can make out of it, create something new.

VaLon Frandsen
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