Sea bottom custom order pendant with chrisocolla

Monday, February 27, 2012

This is the order that I've gotten before Christmas from the same lady whom I made the surprise orders for. She really liked her previous pendants.

So... I got much more brave with my fantasy and made a pendant as if I was making it for myself. That means I have not been afraid of adding as many sea creatures and details as I wished.

There were two specific conditions, though. There needed to be a seahorse covering a white spot in the stone... and a turtle, of course :)

Beautiful colour this chrisocolla stone has! I have a rock similar to this one. I cannot wait now to make my own pendant with it!

Update: she liked her pendant very much!

Arrowhead pendant with a fire agate

Hm... This order is a gift from a mom to her almost adult son. She has chosen a stone for its metaphysical qualities and wanted to make it into a pendant. She did not really know what kind of pendant it had to be. Well... neither did I... However, arrowheads seem to be among popular shapes for the pendants for the guys... (My husband is no help as he does not wear jewellery at all). So, arrowhead it is! I hope the young man is going to like it.

Update: the young man liked his new necklace :)

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