Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Astonishing Iridescent Ammolite with Rare Blue Coloration. 

#jewelleryfacts365 87/365 Diamond fact

The most common shape for rough gem quality diamond is the octahedron, which looks like two pyramids back to back. Crystals that are almost perfect in shape and transparency are called glassies.

Rough diamond crystal

Kilby the historical museum and the Cascade waterfall

Last Sunday we felt like travelling. My husband found a place to go to. I did not know much about it except for one thing... that there was a small petting zoo there. It was perfect as our home stay students loved animals. 

It turned out to be a Museum of Rural Life. There were a couple of houses and an old store from the 1920th there. There was a small hobby farm and a tin shed there. Not a lot to see really, but a nice place to visit anyway. There were a few goats, sheep and chickens to hand feed, too.

This house is the most interesting one there. This is an old train station with a store inside and a few rooms with old furniture and cloths and some other things. 

I did not take any pictures inside that house, but one. I liked the arrangement of these old suitcases:

Here is a hobby farm:

These chickens followed us everywhere as the kids fed them!

They have a nice little garden with really old trees. Love their rhododendron!

The old seesaw! (We tried it too, but you won't see a picture ;)

Picture perfect rural life!

The long johns is what I really tried to take a picture of. Damn wind!

That mountain really makes the landscape:

I could sit here all day looking at this:

Well, the museum was not big at all, so we needed to find what else to do. We went up to the Hemlock ski resort to see if there was snow tubing going on still. It was not...

We stopped for lunch here:

 Love the trees' roots by the river!

It was still too early to go home! We noticed a sign for the Cascade waterfall and decided to find it. We really did not know what to expect and how far the waterfall would be from the parking lot. Awesome enough, it was very close. We could use a gravel road or these stairs to go up. 

There is a suspension bridge there! 

This is how close you can get to the waterfall:

Our students returning:

Even if there were no bridge you could see the waterfall all right:


I took this picture while standing on the bridge:

We stopped at the Ruskin dam on our way back and had another picnic :) Here is my husband pointing at something. I thought he wanted me to go that way. It turned out he was pointing at a swimmer in the water! As you see we are wearing our jackets, so you can imagine the kind of weather we had that day.

It was a nice little trip! It reminded me of our days in Australia, when we barely had a plan. We would go to see something we knew about, then see a couple of other signs to some waterfalls and turn that way.  I wish we did this more often!

Beautiful nature. Magnolia flower

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