Throwback Thursday

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I was very jealous when I was taking this picture of my husband feeding three kangaroos! Just until that moment when I got to feed a kangaroo mommy with a baby kangaroo in her pouch :) 

Round-up of Paper Gems patterns for party decor

When I decided to find paper gems patterns I did not even expect to find anything as nice as the first two links. What I was looking for was the schemes of paper crystal systems just like those that I had in my gemology course. Unfortunately I have not keep them for all these years, but I hoped to find the same. I've found them. The 3rd link will take you to a pdf file  with a few simple crystal systems' schemes. The forth link is for those who wants to do something really nerdy :)   

Fancy paper gems

3d paper diamonds

Crystal systems (pdf)

Crystallography and Minerals Arranged by Crystal Form
More ideas on my pinboard:

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