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Sunday, October 30, 2011

There is an amazing Russian carver... a sculptor and a jeweller whose work can become an inspiration for anybody who does carving. It has become an inspiration for me too. He has the highest level of creativity and fantasy that ever exists. I am looking at his works and I see his world, as I see the worlds of Erte, Lalique or Faberge.

He says that he tries to introduce people to his ethnic culture (which is not Russian), but could anybody else do this introduction in a way he did? I would not believe so. It was a talent that could not avoid an international attention. And it did not. The artist works in Italy and England. He had exhibitions in the best galleries all over the world.

His web-site is a pure eye-candy. I will be visiting it again and again... whenever I need an inspiration... His name is Dashi Namdakov.

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