Sea Bottom earrings with rainbow moonstones and pearls

Friday, July 20, 2012

I love making Sea Bottom pendants. I do have lots of pretty earrings with the sea creatures too. Finally I got an idea of making big earrings for this line!

I have been fascinated with an idea of making matching, though slightly different earrings as a pair. So, this is what I've successfully achieved! I am very happy with the result. I love the shape and the length.

Though I do not wear them, I will miss them when they are sold... and will have to try and make something similar. I will probably fail :) Not sure if it is a downside or an advantage of being an artist and not a production person.... :)

The beautiful stones in the earrings are rainbow moonstones (feminine energy and good fortune) with subtle blue flush in them. They are a good match for the fresh water pearls!

The earrings are going to be available in my Etsy online store.
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