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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the filigree, articulated brooch of medal motif, set throughout with European and rose-cut diamonds, accented by cultured and seed pearls, further set with calibré-cut sapphires; accompanied by a 14k white gold convertible necklace chain, set with round brilliant-cut diamonds

Zodiac Gift Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to come up with an original idea for a gift. I know, I've been there too. What about a zodiac gift? When I asked myself that question, I instantly thought of... cups. That's right, the only "zodiac gift" that jumped into my mind was... rather usual. Is it my only choice, though? I've done my research and found some really unique ideas!

Cups! If you need a small simple gift... why not? They can be very artsy! Also, something might look like a cup, but not be

1) Zodiac Constellation Mug by InAGlaze
2) Zodiac Libra Soy Candle Scented Birthday Gift Box by Meanmuggin39cups
3) Tiny Decorative Libra Zodiac Beer Mug by JustReflection
4) 70s Cancer Mug zodiac sign by JaybrrdsWhatnots

 Perhaps, something for  a home decor? A clock on a wall or a wall decal?

1) Zodiac wall decal by VinylWallAccents
2) Libra Constellation Wall Decal by 

1) Libra Law Silhouette - Wall Clock by SolPixieDust
2) Libra Zodiac by InPhoenix

More zodiac ideas for wall decorations...

1) Wall decor print by BestDesignland
2) Vintage Celestial Map by OuttakePrints
3) TAURUS - Zodiac Constellation Original Painting by TheBenzLens
4) Horoscope Art by WestridgeART

Wall decor is not only the prints! 

Zodiac sign, Libra , hand made of linden wood by ofmodern

Something that looks like home decor... 

Felted Soap Zodiac Signs by YniusFelt

More ideas for home decoration! I think the pillows are awesome, I would have never thought of it myself!

1) Ecliptic Constellations Cushion by DieNaehfeeNoir
2) Zodiac Cancer Embroidery Decorative Throw Pillow by MakersHome

This idea is really unique, don't you think?

1) Bedding Set for Child bedding by JackSeller
2) Art Duvet Cover by KessInHouse

Maybe a plate? I do not know about you, but I personally love to have "my special plate", It comes from my childhood, I think, when I indeed had my special plate :)
It could also be a wall decorative plate for those who collect them.

1) Vintage Hand Thrown Pottery by BricoleurStudio
2) Wall Hanging Plate or Ashtray by OneRustyNail

What else can make their table decor unique? I just see how a usual table decor can become really something special!

1) Constellation Design Coasters Set by HappyTable
2) Constellation hand stamped coffee spoon by MilkandHoneyLux
3) Zodiac Signs Roll Up Placemat Set by GigglingNinja
4) Candle holder by CascadianArt

A piece of jewellery that cries "zodiac"... or maybe that is not so obvious?  And a jewellery box for it too!

1) Silver necklace with sugilite by NataliasJewellery 
2) Secret Wood Box by GreekArt

If they like picnics...

Libra Constellation Customizable Etched Stainless Steel Flask by OverlyAttachedDe

If they are fashionistas...

Astrology Sign Rhinestone Bling Crystal shirt by RockTheFaith

If they collect unique toys...

,Japanese Akabeko made of Japanese kimono fabric by Sankirai

If they like sewing....

Zodiac Pisces gift  by ReginaStitchery

If they have a smartphone... :)

Smart Spot smartphone stand by SmartSpot
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