Art Nouveau Jewelry

Monday, May 17, 2010

Art Nouveau is a style for jewellery, interior designs, visual art and architecture. It was in fashion for a short period of time from 1895 to 1905. It is a very feminine and sensuous style that features women with long hair, flowers, dragonflies, swans and other attractive creatures.

The style was triggered by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha who was a visual artist. The most known jewelry artist of the Art Nouveau style was Rene J. Lalique.

When we studied Art History at our Jewelry Design course, the period of Art Nouveau was skipped by our teachers. I think they did it deliberately trying to save time and give us as much as possible. Art Nouveau style could not escape our attention... It never can :) Any art student who studies arts will come across this style… temporary fall in love with it and learn about it on their own.

That happened to us, of course…

We had a fun project called “A gift for a friend”. We wrote our names on pieces of paper. Whoever name you get then you make that person a gift. You need to interview them, but make somewhat a surprise.

Unbelievably enough I got my real friend’s name at that time. She told me that she loved Art Nouveau style and women with long hair in it especially. She thought about it for a few seconds… and told me I did not have to do that, as I was her friend and the project would be too complicated, and she did not want me to have any troubles. She will like anything I make, she has assured.

“No, no!” – I told her, - “If you like long haired women in Art Nouveau style, then this is what you will get!”

I took the challenge and really enjoyed making this piece for her. I could not wait to give it to her. When I did, I heard comments that other people wished I had their name on that piece of paper... It was one of those moments when you are happy giving something away. The emotions of that are unforgettable…

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