Friday Gift Guide

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The curator of this fabulous Gift Guide is Irina Shevchenko.
If you just would like to get a better look at the collection, then click the picture to make it bigger.
To look at the items closer, please, visit the Guide's interactive page. 

My gems. Turquoise cabochon for the Ocean Life collection

Both my turquoise pendants are gone...long time ago and very soon after they were finished... (this one and this one). I really need to make another turquoise Ocean Life Necklace... I got a few nice turquoise cabochons (well, to be honest QUITE a few). However, I like this one the best... so, when I can actually finally get to my soldering table, I will create a piece with this stone before I do anything else. MAYBE it will look like this...

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