DIY - Cute Christmas Cards by Janet Roberts

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am not really used to buying online yet, so I did not even think, that post cards could be purchased online too! There are artists who can make you personalised cards worth hundreds of dollars. It might be a way to go for some people... However, I prefer something cute :) So, I kept looking and found this store! They all are so cute! Here is one more thing I did not think about... The cards are digital! A buyer can print out the coloured card or just black outline to colour him/herself!
Reading the description, it is a DIY project to me*, so I am saving it with this tag, as well, as in my wish list for future.
* - From the item description: "This artwork has been produced from original drawings by Janet Roberts of Pink Gem Designs. You may use our downloadable digital images for any hand made projects that you wish to sell on at craft fairs, Etsy etc or provide as gifts but you must make something with the image and not sell 'As Is'. There are no limits to the number of projects that you can make. We would ask that you acknowledge Pink Gem Designs when selling on your creations although this is not essential."

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