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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fly (copper, silver, green tourmaline)
Beetle (copper, silver, turquoise)

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Some beetles from the family Elateridae, as well as true fireflies from the family Lampyridae produce glowing light and have been captured and used as decorations in hair or attached to clothing for special occasions, adding to the festivity of the event. C.H. Curran in Insects of the Pacific World, referred to ladies from India and Sri Lanka, having kept 11/2 inch long, iridescent greenish coppery beetles of the species Chrysochroa ocellata as pets. These living jewels were worn on festive occasions, probably with a small chain attached to one leg anchored to the clothing to prevent escape. Afterwards, the insects were bathed, fed, and housed in decorative cages. Living jeweled beetles have also been worn and kept as pets in Mexico. (More about beetles used as accessories here)

Long bohemian earrings. Beetle wings earrings. Insect jewelry. Black pearl earrings
Beetle wing earrings

Beautiful nature

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