What jewelry to wear with a yellow dress

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What jewelry can we wear with a yellow dress? Perhaps, if you think "gold" or "black", you might be right. Those two colors will work. Both of those choices would be a bit too usual and boring, in my opinion. The gold color will blend in and the black is not really classy when paired with yellow... way too bold. Jewelry that is contrasting with a yellow dress is good. It just needs to be contrasting in a good way... elegant, perhaps is the word for what I am trying to achieve when I pair jewelry with an outfit :)

An extensive yellow dress needs a contrasting piece of jewelry that gives your outfit real drama. Bright purple stone pendant is the best choice, in my opinion.

A dress with a fancy lace texture can be hard to pair with a piece of jewelry. However, bright peacock pearls and metallic blue / green earrings won't get lost in this look. 

An outfit that is classic and classy. Cute vintage dress with a floral pattern and a large sterling silver pendant with a pink pearl. A dress does not need to be vintage to look great with a pendant like this, by the way ;)

Creative yellow dress can be matched with a creative statement necklace.  If you do not mind lots of positive attention, go bold! Here is a necklace that has everything: it is big, it is made of mixed metals and it features a bright blue stone. Lots of attention, I promise! :)

A simple dress goes with a simple silver pendant. You just need to find your perfect simple  pendant. 

Slip dress

Low cleavage yellow dress can be matched with a big blue stone pendant. Yellow and blue can look fantastic together if you mix them thoughtfully.

Dark copper and silver pendant will look great with a simple dress of yellow color that is not too bright and not too pale. Just silver pendant would blend with it, however copper helps it to stand out.

What jewelry to wear with a yellow dress by nataliakhon featuring Copper and silver waxwing bird necklace 

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