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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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Gold is the most malleable of all metals; one gram of gold can be beaten into a sheet of 1 square meter, or an ounce into 300 square feet. Gold leaf can be beaten thin enough to become transparent!

Raw gold

DIY by Natalia Ilina. Let's make a multi purpose quilled flower.

Have your heard of quilling before? I sure have not! This looks like fun! I met Natalia Ilina online and was instantly impressed by her art! (She makes other things too, by the way, I will show you more another time). Look at this flower! It can be a gift decoration, or a home decor item if you make a few of them and put them together to form a ball. What a great idea! 

Keep scrolling, it is a DIY! :)

You will need:

- A sheet of A4 white paper (no cardboard);
- Straight scissors and decorative edge scissors;
- Yellow ink and red stamp ink;
- A sponge;
- A pipette;
- A pencil;
- A stationery knife;
- Paste glue for paper and craft for the pencil;
- A quilling tool (google it if you do not know what it is)

1. Take a sheet of plain white office paper of A4 size and draw four lines to make 3 cm wide strips (5/8''). You will need 4 strips to make one flower.

Cut along the lines and glue the strips together to make one long strip 3 cm (5/8'') wide.

2. Prepare the paper strip do be painted. I am showing how to paint it with yellow ink and red stamp ink (as it is brighter than just red ink), though you can paint your strip in any colours. 

The sponge should be slightly wider than the width of the paper strip (wider than three centimeters). Use the pipette to bring the paint to the sponge. First, pick up the yellow ink and apply it to one half of the sponge. Then apply the red stamp ink to the second half.

3. Stain the paper strip. To do this hold the strip with your left hand (if you are right-handed) and press the sponge to the strip with your right hand. Then quickly pull the tape to the left with your left hand. The color may appear brighter where you've started and paler at the other end. You might even get the white spots untouched with the paint. That does not matter, it will only give your flower a more natural look. Leave the paper strip to dry well.

4. Take any decorative edge scissors. This is what I have:

Cut along one side of the strip. Do your best to align the pattern.

You can use your sponge to add some red colour to the yellow edge for a more dramatic look. Do not add any ink to the sponge, just use what you still have left on it. 

5. This is the most important moment here. Let's make the petals! You might have a different pattern of your yellow edge if you have your scissors with a different pattern. Just make sure you consider it when you do your cuts. See how the petals are wider at the yellow edge and narrower at the red edge? This is what you should be aiming at. The petals won't be braking then when you are putting the flower together.

Do your cuts almost to the straight edge, staying just 3-4 mm (1/16'') from it.

6. Make the center of the flower. Roll a strip of any quilling paper into a circle. You need to achieve a diameter that is equal to the diameter of your pencil. Keep the roll on the tool.

7. Apply glue on the red edge:

Glue your flower strip onto the rolled quilling ribbon that is still on the tool, guiding the petals towards the handle.

This way we make sure that the flower base is being rolled evenly. You can lightly tap it against the table to straighten it if needed.

When the flower is completely ready I recommend to straighten its bottom by tapping it against the table (or your hand) one more time. Then apply the paste glue and let it dry thoroughly. 

8. Carefully remove the finished flower lightly turning the tool.

At this point you need to decide if you want to add a pencil. Straighten the petals with your fingers. You will need to force the petals away from the middle of the flower if you are planning on attaching a pencil. 

9. Take a stationery knife and a long sharpened pencil. Measure 3 cm (5/8'') (or longer if you like) from the point and cut it off.

Glue the pencil in with epoxy or any other good craft glue.

You can use this flower to make a decorative ball for a party, a decoration for a gift box or for a birthday card, or as a fridge magnet. 

What would you use it for?

Thank you all for your attention!

Natalia Ilina

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