Peackock Feather copper necklace with dichroic glass cabochon

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My peacock feather jewellery obsession continues :) It started accidentally here, when I bought that interestingly shaped labradorite from a local lapidary artist. Then I found one more stone... and one more... Now, when I am getting any stone at all, I estimate if it is going to fit a peacock feather design... This bright dichroic glass cabochon is definitely a good choice!

I loved my first design... but it got sold... As an artist I think that a sale is the best compliment for a designer... but I missed that necklace and tried to replicate it. I always wonder how it happens... I cannot make the same design exactly, no matter how much I try (unless all the parts are exactly the same, and that rarely happens).

So, the stone was different and it "designed" the necklace around itself! My husband just loves it, but the necklace is going to be for sale. I would like to continue experimenting with other stones and other peacock feather designs. I do not need to keep all of them :)

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