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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Alexa and Peter Smarsh. Enameled pendant

TOP 10. Best Christmas Table Centerpieces that you can by on Etsy

I am still relaxing this year about decorating home for Christmas too much while the baby is still too young to be excited about it :)  However, I am starting to look for the ideas for the next year... Here is my choice of the best Christmas table centerpieces that you can buy on Etsy. Lots to choose from! I pinned even more to my Pinterest board (see the link under the first picture)

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Christmas decoration woodland by
Faux Gingerbread Train, a Holiday Express! by
Spirit Of The BEAR by Thomas Kinkade  by
Rustic Christmas Themescape by
Romantic Rose Candle Set by
Christmas lantern swag by
Christmas wreath by
Christmas Reindeer heirloom decoration by
Candle Sphere by
Christmas Centerpiece by
See more ideas on my Pinboard:

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