Kynite Maple Forest pendant

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is one of my favourite styles to work in. I've made a free-form pendant with a gorgeous kynite before... It was my favourite piece at that time. I gave it to a jewellery gallery on consignment to "decorate my display". Of course, it was gone soon after :) I had to make another one in the same style and with a kynite... Though it is the same ornament, a similar stone and it is made by the same person again (me, of course), it does not look the same at all. That is a good thing, I think.

This pendant is available in my etsy shop online. To buy it or see more pictures click here >>>

My favourite squirrel necklace

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One of my favourite designs ever is now available at my Etsy shop. The squirrel ornament is from a 50-year old Russian book for housekeepers (from a woodworking section). However, being a Canadian artist now I've included tiny maple leaves into this ornament. The original piece was hand pierced and soldered. I can cast them now, but still keep all my pieces unique, so none of them looks the same.

To see more pictures or buy it click here >>>

Seed-bead contest in Kiev, August, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

As a jewellery artist who started as a seed bead designer I still love jewellery made with the creative techniques available for the seed beads. My dear friends and co-founders of the International Association Art-Biser were traditionally invited to jury an International contest for the beaders that took place in the capital of Ukraine Kiev.

Look at all this beautiful and joyful jewellery! It is very sad really that we need a "special occasion" to wear something like this... and a "special" mood too. Can you imagine... there are countries where people wear all these gorgeous accessories just because it is sunny outside and everybody is dressed up as if they are going to a birthday party anyway? I am jealous...

These last three pictures are from the web-site of the magazine that holds the contest - Modnyi

Owl ring and Heron ring

Sunday, September 11, 2011

These birds were my first tries to do wax carving. The owl was also engraved after it was cast. It took so long time and so much patience to carve them... that they stay the only birds I've ever carved :) I have rubber molds and can reproduce them. They are finally up and on Etsy available to be ordered.

Click here to see more pictures or buy the Owl ring

Click here to see more pictures or buy the Great Blue Heron ring

Autumn necklace

Friday, September 2, 2011

This necklace is from the story about the Pink Christmas Bracelet that you can find here if you scroll down. I do not have another picture of it, as it was damaged when we were moving. So I need to fix it first. Maybe it is even going to be for sale after that... I thought it was quite unusual for me not to put something like this on my web-site for so long. Therefore it is going to be on the same page now, right by the bracelet. (And please do not laugh at this picture of me... this outfit seemed to be very appropriate and creative in Russia! and rather humble too...) (And, yes, I made the head-piece too... and I still have it too)

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