Roses for your wedding

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The longer my virtual wish list is growing, the more I like it :) Here I can keep the things that I do not have a reason to buy no matter how much I would like to possess them. Just like window shopping! :)

For example, I do not need any wedding hair decoration... but I have found some I love and wish I had when I was getting married. Awesome hair pins and headbands! Do not mind sharing! :)  (I probably would not, if I was buying them!)

They are made of polymer clay, air dry clay and silk. I am a boring girl :) I love roses and I love when they look realistic :) Anna's roses do, so I love them! I asked her if she has made them for her own wedding the first time. Has it started then? No, it has not. She has been making them for the last 2,5 years only.

This ring has 40 roses! They are tiny! Did she make them under a microscope? I asked her, and she replied: "No". I guess, some people are talented enough to do such dainty job without a microscope! :) 

Well, I am not getting married any time soon (I think my husband would object that ;) So, here is that link if you are: Gentle Decisions. (I will be happy if it helps you to find something unique for your wedding!)

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