Silver peacock feather necklace with sugilite

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I keep experimenting with the peacock feather images in jewellery. This was the first try. I keep checking other artists' works (pictures, necklaces, earrings) to make sure that I come up with a design that is not out there yet. Being an artist I love to be able to create something new and unique.

I love working with metal, but wax carving gives me an opportunity to make 3D objects. I felt that technique was something I would like to use for the feather project.

It is a nice and heavy necklace for a special occasion. The stone I put with it is an African sugilite. A few Swarovski crystals give an additional bling to it... not too much, so they would not take attention away from the centre piece.

The necklace is available at Just Jewellery

P.S. I think I am getting obsessed with the peacock feathers... Two more stones and two more sketches are ready to become two more necklaces made with different techniques. One will be copper and one will be silver... maybe... :)

P.P.S. Hm.... I think... more than two necklaces are coming... I have a few great stones that seem to be perfect for the peacock feathers... And two more necklaces are not enough to satisfy the obsession anyway... :)
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