Inspiration. Yahya Rouach's lamps

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Did I mention I loved pierced works? :) I could not pass by this artist's work. It is handmade, by the way! It is unbelievable, yet inspiring. I would never imaging doing so much piercing for a lamp... and he has tons of them! Maybe... one day... when I have a few free days (I am allowed to dream!) I could make... a small 3D object, probably more of a size of a Christmas tree decoration... :) Hm... I actually have a half-sphere of pierced brass... I know where it was before we moved last summer... Now we are in the middle of renovation and I cannot even go check if it is where I think it is... It will drive me crazy now... :) So, I should finish the post and try to forget about it at least till the end of our renovation :) Do not forget to visit Yahya's web-site. Enjoy!
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