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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Today my guest is Elena Muse with her beautiful and simple DIY for those who like to decorate their interior. These clothespins are so easy to decorate, that you could make a bunch of them for different seasons! Make some with flowers for the summer, fall colors for the autumn and snowflake motifs for the winter!


The decoupage technique is interesting as it can be used to decorate various surfaces, giving them a more well-groomed look and helping to make practical things also beautiful. Today I would like to share an idea of ​​how to turn ordinary wooden clothespins into an elegant element of the interior that can serve different purposes and become an excellent small gift.

This instruction can be used to decorate any wooden surface.

You will need:

─ usual wooden clothespins;
─ decoupage glue;
─ paper napkins;
─ white acrylic paint;
─ varnish for finishing (you may use a special decoupage varnish as well as a nail polish (it dries quickly and it is easily applied));
─ brushes (a flat brush for decoupage and a thin brush for working on the edges f the clothespins);
─ scissors;
─ vinyl gloves (to make it easier to work without getting dirty).

Sand your clothespins if necessary, paint them with the acrylic paint to make the surface smooth. The best color for this purpose is white because it is the most neutral color that will not compete with a pattern of the chosen napkins. Paint very thoroughly, do not not forget the sides and corners.

Allow the clothespins to dry.
Take a napkin, separate the top layer with the picture from the other layers. Put aside the white lower layers. Cut out the chosen  motif from the upper thin layer for decorating the clothespins. Put it on the surface, dip a flat brush into the glue and apply it to the napkin. Move your brush from the center to the edges, trying to smooth out the surface. Remove the excess napkins and brush the surface with glue one more time. Do the same to the other side of the clothespin and to the visible upper corner.

Leave the clothespins to dry. Apply varnish to the surface when the glue is completely dry, highlighting some elements of the pattern if desired.

Completely dry clothespins can be used as regular clothespins or serve to decorate gifts, or...

...  to replace paper clips, or....

... or to clip flowers, or...

... to decorate a Christmas tree and New Year's interior, or ... attach a magnet to one side of a clothespin, so it could be used as a note holder for your refrigerator.

Thus, ordinary clothespins become a beautiful and handy decor element with the help of a simple conversion!

Yours truly,
Elena Muse.

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