Back to School gift ideas

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What to give as a gift to a kid who is going to school soon? I did my own research. A few years from now I will need it myself too :)

A cool vintage desk or a computer table. A lamp for the table too!

Pencil holders for the new table!

A laptop case!
Vintage map and a vintage globe (perhaps the parents will be happy to receive it, more than the kids)


Books for the bookends!

Bookmarks for the books!

A chalkboard:

Don't forget a chalk pencil!

Table calendar, a modern one or a vintage one.

Earphones, for studying foreign languages, of course!

Backpack, a cute+functional one, or just a functional one.

Autumn is coming, so, maybe, a scarf?

An iPhone case: a nice one, a cute one or a cool one!

First Day of School cup (is there a confusion in the faces? :)

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