Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gartrellite on Carminite Tsumeb Mine, Namibia

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Archaeologists have discovered traces of platinum in the gold used in ancient Egyptian tombs and hieroglyphics as early as 1200 BC. However, the extent of early Egyptians' knowledge of the metal is unclear. It is quite possible they did not recognize there was platinum in their gold. (source)

Old MacDonald had a farm!

We were looking for a nice day to go to this petting zoo for some time. Monday right after Easter was just the day we needed. I won't tell you whose fault it was that we got lost because I looked at the wrong street number in the GPS. (Oops! Have I just said "I"? ;)

When we arrived, Esther looked around and asked: "What are we supposed to do here?" I thought that sounded like "why did you bring us here?" Well... I was wrong! What kind of kid wouldn't enjoy a petting zoo? Of course, they did! 

See how she is holding this baby goat? I was running around taking pictures of the goats and the white goose (you will see them below), my husband was running behind the kiddo, who was running with no goal whatsoever... Esther was holding this baby goat all that time! She hoped we would buy it )) After about thirty minutes we got bored with the goats and had to go and disappoint her... 

I kept this picture of the goats that I photographed:

...and one video of two play fighting baby goats. So cute!

I have never seen a goat feeding its baby before. It's a big baby!

Too bad, we have nobody to take care of a goat. I would like to keep this fluffy one:

Did you know that the baby sheep liked playing with a soccer ball??


This brave goose scared a few people and goats before it returned to its pond!

They had a hay ride there!

The kiddo was allowed to drive this tractor!
(Just kidding!)

My dream magnolia trees!

We found these bunnies after lunch and the hay ride. Do you know how long these two were sitting for there with the bunnies? At least an hour!

More photo fun:

I am keeping this baby goat!

...and this horsey ))

That dream farm had a dream creek behind it:

The oldest farmhouse in Langley was just across from the farm's magnolias:

It was an awesome day! I do not think I have ever seen baby sheep and baby goats before... and I do not remember when last time I got to hold a bunny :) I would go there again!

Beautiful nature

An Australian flower
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