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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gem set and diamond armlet, second half of 19th century
Designed as a repoussé work band of scroll and zoomorphic motifs, set with various gemstones including emeralds, rubies, amethysts, circular-cut and rose diamonds, inner circumference approximately 470mm.

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For the Inka and other peoples of the Andean region of South America, gold was the "sweat of the sun," the most sacred of all deities.

Behind the scene. How we made the map of Middle-Earth. Guest post by VZBRELO

We have another guest post by the VZBRELO girls today (see all their guest posts here). This map is a masterpiece, no question! It is hard to imagine how much work went into it! If you are a fan of Frodo the hobbit you might have already recognized the map of Middle-Earth. Would you like to see how it was made? Then keep reading!


Hi all! Tatiana and Maria are here again! We have finished one of our biggest projects and would like to show how we made it. This a map of Middle-Earth. We love working on the maps!

We did not start taking pictures right away, but that did not matter too much. The first steps are hard to photograph. We got the map, then Maria prepared it for the pyrography process, then she cut out a piece of  plywood for it. The size of the map was going to be 40 by 50 cm (15" by 20").

We printed the map and spent a whole whack of time transferring it to the plywood using carbon paper. It is hard not to forget every small detail!  

Then we spent even more time for the pyrography process itself. 

Any old map (especially a fantasy map) has the warn down edges. This is how they look like in our mind: 

Ok, that looked way too boring and way too clean for an old map. It clearly needed more shades, toning and aging.

We went through all the details three times to make sure that we did not forget anything (of course, we forgot and needed to add a few missing details). Then we coated the map with the lacquer. The work needed to be dried thoroughly after each coating and then sanded.

Voila! The map is ready! We just needed to add two hooks on the back and that was it. We are not sure how much time we have spent to make it. It felt like it was much longer than we expected. It is ok though, as we are happy with the result :)

The map is packaged and ready to be sent to the customer to Saint-Pittsburgh, Russia!

If you are interested to see more details, visit our Facebook page or VK page. Our previous map you can find here.

Tatiana and Maria, the VZBRELO duet :)

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