Chain Maille

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chain maille has been being a popular technique for making jewelry since the 18th century. Though, I wondered when it was invented. I found out that the first chain mailles were found in Europe and dated the 3rd or even the 2nd century AD. The jump rings were about 10 to 12 gauge and about a centimeter inside diameter.

The most common technique was welding some jump rings and connecting them by the open ones that were riveted. Sounds like a lot of work! Then the whole thing was sewed on a leather base. They still use chain maille in bullet-proof jackets or for butchers’ gloves.

There were not many patterns for the body armors, though people came up with lots of weaves for chain maille jewellery. There are many magazines, books and web-sites where anybody can learn how to make an interesting accessory made of dozens or even hundreds of jump rings.

I keep testing new techniques and styles. I’ve tried this one too. I like the result and must admit that this is addictive… :)

Chain maille bracelet

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