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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#jewelleryfacts365 135/365 Ruby fact

The most expensive ruby sold was a ‘pigeon’s blood red’ 8.62-carat cushion-cut ruby. Impressively, the ruby was an unheated Burmese stone that sold for $3,637,480 ($425,000 per carat). The gemstone was eventually purchased by Laurence Graff at Christie's, and set in a Bulgari rectangular-shaped diamond bombĂ© mounted ring (2006, Geneva). 

Photo courtesy of Christie's.

Deer lake park, May, 2016

It was a long weekend and we needed to come with an idea where we could go. The Deer Lake park has a historical village. A great place to take the kids, right? So that was where we went to.

This barn is for an old tram: 

And here is the tram itself:

Beautiful, isn't it?

This is an old church:

And a school:

I aimed my camera at this awesome man and he smiled for me. I took his picture and thanked him :)

I love this school room!

Just an old house where the kids sat at the table. Looks like my gramma's house as I remember it from my childhood.

A workshop:

A piece of the street:

A barber's shop (too bad there was no "barber" there!

I just liked these vases:

There was one really big house with awesome rooms in it to look at:

I would not mind this piece of furniture!

Lovely vintage room:

Another room I would mind to have in our house!

This is the house with all the rooms above:

Somebody has a fun job making all the little houses and trains!

This music machine is in the room with the vintage carousel. It works, of course!

This carousel is 104 y.o. I regret not taking a video of it. The horses are all different and many of them are encrusted with the glass gems.

I got to ride it too!

Then we went to the Deer lake. Water lilies were lovely!

...and so many of them!

I think this is a gallery of some kind... we did not get close to read what it was:

This is another gallery. We tried to go in, but it was closed:

Then we drove around and found the paddle boats for rent. Can you believe how close this house is to the water?

This is how far you can go:

Here they are:

We got out first and I took a picture of these ducklings while we were waiting for the kids:

The day was not over, so we stopped at a school with a great playground:

Then we stopped at another playground that was even more awesome! I took a picture of the roses while the kids were playing:

I wish I could join them, this looks like a lot of fun!

The little one liked this carousel (and did not like the one at the Deer Lake park):

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