Jewelry boxes made of birch bark

Thursday, May 14, 2015

These are the last jewelry boxes that are mine that I want to show in this blog. They are very Russian :) I do not know if there is a similar folk art in any other country... but you certainly can get a large variety of items made and decorated with birch bark in Russia. They are often finely pierced.... and I love pierced pretty much anything :) So, I love my boxes a lot. Originally I got them to give away as gifts, but I could not part with them :)  

I have found a couple of DIYs for anybody who is curious about making bark boxes. One is in English, but the boxes do not look like these at all. Here it is.

Another one is in Russian, I've put it through Google-translation for you. There are many pictures that show the process there. The boxes look just like mine (very close to them). This DIY is for somebody who is good with the tools. Here is the link.

I would love to make something like this. Though I probably will never attempt... just because I am very careful with my time and prefer to stick to jewelry making :)

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