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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Persephone brooch by Eve Llyndorah

Christmas tree ball decoration

Katya Ryazanova is kindly sharing her second DIY in our blog. Thank you, Katya! (Katya wrote a few guest posts for the blog. You can find all her DIY posts here.). I have never seen a Christmas decoration like this before. Just magical! 


This is a list of supplies that I needed to decorate this Christmas tree ball:

- a plastic or papier-mache ball
- a white acrylic primer or an art primer
- a napkin or a decoupage card with a desired picture
- two colors of acrylic paint to create craquelure surface 
- A one-step craquelure lacquer
- An acrylic lacquer 
- Contour for glass
- Paint to create "pearls"
- Strips of organza and/or atlas
- Abrasive sponge or fine sandpaper

I chose a spot on my ball where I wanted to place my decoupage motif; then covered it with the primer (you can also use the white acrylic paint instead). I let it dry, then attached my motif. I attached it with water and then soaked it with the acrylic lacquer right away. Then I let it dry well and coated it with the lacquer again. I used fine sandpaper to polish it. 

Now it is time to take care of the rest of the surface of the ball. Go with your sandpaper over it if the ball is plastic. You will need to make the surface slightly rough for the better adhesion of the acrylic paint. 

I applied the bottom layer of the brown acrylic paint with a brush (or a sponge can be used instead). Then I let it dry and covered it with a one-step craquelure lacquer. 

It needed to be left to dry until I could touch it. Then I applied the second layer of the pink acrylic paint. The cracks appeared immediately!

I left it till the next morning to dry up. I covered the ball with several layers of varnish (letting each layer to dry well). It also needed to be polished with a fine sandpaper at the end.

Finally it was time to decorate  the ball with some "bronze" and "pearls"! I used acrylic contour for glass. It started to look even more delicate and elegant when I added "pearls" with the pearl paint!

The last touch is to attach a ribbon. The toy is ready to take the best place on my Christmas tree!

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