Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chalcopyrite covering chalcocite from Daye mine, China. Specimen: Huanqiu Crystal Mineral Museum specimen, photo by John Veevaert

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The Pearl of Lao Tzu (also referred to as Pearl of Lao Tze and previously as Pearl of Allah) is the largest known pearl in the world. The pearl was found in the Palawan sea, which surrounds the island of Palawan in the Philippines, and was found by a Filipino diver. It is not considered a gemstone pearl, but is instead what is known as a "clam pearl" or "Tridacna pearl" from a giant clam. It measures 24 centimeters in diameter (9.45 inches) and weighs 6.4 kilograms (14.1 lb).

Pearl of Lao Tzu

Beautiful nature

We have a big tree in our backyard. I do not know how many birds live there... but I know now that a raccoon family lives there for sure! Our neighbour's dog scared a baby raccoon and she fell out of her nest down to the ground. She did not seems to be hurt, so do not worry for her! We exited the yard so her mom could feel safe coming and picking her up. I filmed this video from our porch.

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