Jewellery masterpieces. Antique brooch and earrings

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A SUITE OF ANTIQUE TURQUOISE, DIAMOND AND PEARL JEWELLERY. Comprising a pendant brooch, designed as a cabochon turquoise shield-shaped plaque suspending rose-cut diamond and pearl drops to the rose and old mine-cut diamond scrolled surmount, mounted in 18k rose gold; and a pair of ear pendants en suite, circa 1880

Behind the scene. Watch Tatiana hand carving a wood bowl

This is a guest post by two ladies who chose woodworking as their profession. You can find a list of all their "behind the scene" posts here.

Hello all! My name is Tatiana and I love woodworking! I showed how I made a bowl using my dreamel and the burs last time. Today I am going to show how I carve a bowl by hand using just the chisels. I've designed an oak leaf bowl for this project. I stash a piece of lime wood for the hand carving. It is a pleasure to work with the lime wood. Love it!

I decided to try and carve narrow grooves, even though I love the look of the wide ones. Oh, it was so relaxing! I thought I could just sit there and cut those grooves for hours...

Here are our new carvers, by the way. We bought some forgings to make the chisels. Maria sharpened them and turned the handles for them. It is a pleasure to work with the customized tools! 

I have not made friends with a saw-frame... so I use a bogorodsky knife to give the original shape to the bowl.

I rounded up the bottom.. or should I say I rounded up the top of the bowl? :) Here you can see my hand-drawn outline of the leaf. It was drawn by eye, but it worked well.

The same texture is on the bottom side of the bowl  ^ _ ^

Usually it is hard for me to choose just one idea out of about a thousand of them of how to finish my work. I just started getting a head-ache from all the ideas that started coming... when I realized that that was the lime wood that I was working with and it was rather pale... It also helped that the bowl was not going to be used to carry food. That meant that I could stain it!

The light sanding helped to bring the texture up. The last touch was to varnish it with a few layers of lacquer.

Here is the result of my hard work! :) I love making things that are nice to touch. The bowl turned out to be just an item like that... touchable! :) with a moderate degree of uselessness :))

Since the bowl was finished, but I could not stop... I kept working and made one more! This time I've made a lime leaf bowl and finished it slightly differently. It is a bit more useful too, since it is a candle holder :)

I got a lot more ideas too! Mm... They cannot stop coming to me! ))

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to my workshop! 


If you are interested to see more, come and visit us! Our mane online community is here (Russian). We also have an Instagram account, where we post pictures from our workshop. We love meeting new friends!

Maria and Tatiana.

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