TOP 10. Cushions for home decoration

Friday, March 13, 2015

A through cushion can add an interesting accent to your home decoration. It can be a part of a room design or a center piece. Why not? 

Here is my top 10 of awesome cushions that you can actually buy. 

Veliarca Tan Box Bolster Decorative Throw Pillow by SofaGarden

GREY CAT Linen pillow by linendreams

Knitted Ammonite Cushion by AutumnWithHolly

Long Cotton Wood Tree Log Bolster Pillow by chicsindesigndo

Mountain shaped pillow by ColetteBream

THE TUBER by retextil

Giant Kiwi Fruit Pillow by jumbojibbles

Sea shell decorative pillows by zolayka

Large Knitted Triangles Letter Cushion by BobAndJohn

Pac man cushion by MadeByMinah
See all pillows that I've found on my Pinboard:

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