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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Ideal custard

Another awesome cooking idea by Anna! (You can see all Anna's guest posts here.)

If you follow the recipe, you will succeed. The custard is good by itself as a topping for the profiteroles, or a filling for the eclairs, or as a cream for a cake.

For this cake I used ready-made sponge cake layers that I soaked with a mixture of sugar syrup and a juice. The topping is made by mixing the custard with a pack of plain cottage cheese. The dye is made by "Wilton".


Milk - 400 ml
Flour - 1,5 oz (40 gr)
Powdered sugar - 1,5 oz (40 gr)
Sugar - 1,7 oz (50 gr)
4 egg yolks
Vanilla - as much as you like

1. Pour the milk into a pot, add sugar and vanilla. Stir before turning the stove on.

2. Put the egg yolks into a cup and add powdered sugar. Turn on the stove. This way we have just enough time to beat up the egg yolks for the moment the milk is heated up. Beat up the egg yolks with a mixer on the lowest speed. Do not stop while adding the flour.

3. Remove the milk from the stove as soon as the it begins to boil. Turn the mixer on to the lowest speed and start whisking the milk. Pour the whipped egg yolks into it very slowly, as slow as you can, otherwise they will curdle. What is even better, pour the yolks directly on the running mixer beaters.

4. Put the pan with the custard on the stove and bring it to a boil stirring constantly.
5. The cream slightly thickens when it cools down. If desired, it can be boiled for a few minutes, then it will become even thicker. If you get lumps, do not worry, you can strain the custard through a fine strainer.

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