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Monday, May 5, 2014

Knife made in Iran in XVI century. Kremlin museum. (Click on the picture to open it bigger)
(More knives made by jewellers)

My today's post is about my inspiration. My designs for my best pieces are inspired by Russian ornaments (I wrote about it before, here), as well as the technique. This next picture shows how the inspiration worked:

Round geometric pendant with white fresh water pearls

However, only when I saw that knife from  the top picture (the picture is from "The world of knives" book that I bought in Russia) I realized that I could do two layers of piercing. It was going to be double work, but I had time. This is how (sometimes) inspiration is being searched for. Not a simple process! :)

 I loved working on these pieces. Here are just a few samples (all of them + many others are for sale in my Etsy shop):

Bear and its cub, silver and copper pendant

Forest pendant with gem quality kyanite

Art Nouveau dragonfly pendant with amethyst and rose quartz

Squirrel necklace, silver and copper

Monday Inspirational Quotes

Since it is Monday, the day for an inspirational quote, here it is! (Click on the picture to make it bigger)

(The author of the picture is Lyudmila San)
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