Top 10 Wall Clocks

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Does anybody buy wall clocks so they can keep track of time? We all are constantly looking at our smartphones anyway, aren't we? However, the wall clocks are still a great part of the home decor! I looked through Etsy and chose top 10 wall clocks that can be used just for that. What do you think of them? Would you put any of them up on your wall?

Wall Clock by ObjectifyHomeware

Batman, vinyl clock by Motivatelife

 Love Origami Clock by Giftedpapers

Extra Large Wall Clock with Clock Gears by BubingaArtistry

Astronomical Wall Clock  by LuxuryClock

Personalized Winery Wall Clock  by MemorableGift

Live Edge Wooden Wall Clock by ArcheoDesign

Lady of Flowers by giftsforlavieenrose

Ivebraker by FragmentID

Wall clock by DesignsbyCsh


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