Jewellery I made for myself

Friday, June 24, 2016

Some jewellery pieces I make with no intention to ever sell them. The reasons are different. In this case the stone is too hard to come across. Well, it is a labradorite cab, you would say, there are tons of them out there. The difference is that this one is actually from Labrador, the area that gave the name to the stone. They find labradorite in many other places now, mostly you see them coming from Madagascar. It is unique for me, anyway. I really enjoy wearing it. 

#jewelleryfacts365 145/365 Gem fact

Scientifically called "blue zoisite, Tanzanite was renamed as tanzanite by Tiffany and Co., who wanted to capitalize on the rarity and single location of the gem, and thought that "blue zoisite" (which might be pronounced like "blue suicide") wouldn't sell well. (source)

Tanzanite Merelani

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