An Ocean Life necklace to be

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I tend to show what I won't make with this or that stone lately... but this design is probably very close to what I will make with this stone :) It is not as big as it may look like. It is a good medium size "pendant to be". The stone is a plume agate doublet with reconstructed turquoise cabochon. I love these art cabochons (I have a few of them). The agate has the transparent spots. You can see the turquoise through them. This gives some depth perception, like an aquarium :) The natural design of the agate is absolutely wonderful, looking like coral or seaweeds. I think I was very lucky to come across this stone!

Monthly Wedding Catalog

Anna from GentleDecisions is known in Etsy as a talented curator and an expert in making beautiful bridal accessories. Once a month she is makes a Wedding Accessories Gide for us. Thank you, Anna! 

This is a small catalog of my own line of bridal earrings:

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