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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Deer necklace is sold on a simple silver chain. Sterling silver and brass.

Jewellery. The bigger the better?

This is just a small fun post with some interesting jewellery :) It origins from the discussion that took place under this blog post. It might sound funny if I write that one is the prettier the bigger and heavier jewellery she wears. However, there were times when this statement made sense. The are places on this planet that it still does!

What do you think about big and heavy jewellery? Is it true that the bigger the better?

Russian headdress, 18th century. The Metropolian museum
Braids, multi-coloured beads and horns made from mud: Stunning photos reveal sculpted hairstyles worn by tribal women of Angola.

Sophia Schliemann wearing the "Jewels of Helen" excavated by her husband, Heinrich Schliemann, in Hisarlik (photograph taken ca. 1874)

Traditional African necklaces

Indian bridal jewellery

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