Jewellery I made before my Russian trip

Saturday, July 14, 2007

While I am still in Canada I continue working on my jewellery pieces.

These are new and already in a store in downtown Vancouver.

This little hummingbird has an amethyst attached:

I really like using gold plating in my pieces. It is easy to apply and adds interest into them:

This owl has a garnet in its eye, the leaf is made of bronze:

These are just finished.

I found the precious gems of this sizes are quite affordable. I am going to sell these cuties in my online store and allow the customers to choose a precious stone together with the payment. This one has an emerald in its eye. Citrine would look nice there too, I think.
This is the store, by the way

These guys have a garnet and a cz in their eyes. I really should put diamonds instead... as well as sapphires and rubies or blue topazes.

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