Christmas decoration

Saturday, January 28, 2012

This was a custom made Christmas decoration. Little baby girl used to draw this funny creature. When she grew up her mom brought one of her pictures to me and asked to make it in silver.

Oh, this work was so much fun! I enjoyed every minute of it! As soon as the customer mentioned an idea of the moving legs and hands I could not let it go. So, legs and hands are moving :)

Last time I've heard from her, the young girl was very happy to get this reminder of her early childhood art :) I am happy to hear :)

Simple locket with a good story

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This locket is a custom order. It is very simple, slightly textured and letter stamped, made of brass. It is so simple, that I was not even going to put it into my blog. However, I appriciate a piece of jewellery if it has a good story. This one has a story too.

The locket was ment to be a Christmas gift for a young girl. The girl saw her mom packaging it. Mom told her it was for her little cousine, so the gift, though seen, stayed a total surprise for the girl. We both were giggling when she told me the story :) Good save, mom!

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