Art Deco Jewelry

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art Deco movement was popular from about 1920 till about 1935. It was inspired by Cubism, Ancient Egypt, Modernism and a few other movements. Strong geometrical shapes, lots of diamonds and bold colors are the main characteristics of the style. Art Deco designs were applied to jewelry, fashion, visual arts, interior designs and even architecture.

Being design students we did not just study the jewelry aspects of the history of art. We were making jewelry for the studied periods! It was a fun time! I wish, my learning was longer than just two years. Though, I continue studying different styles on my own and make pieces for the sake of fun.

Nevertheless, my Art Deco pin has been made at school, when we studied pave setting. I still remember sitting by my teacher at a desk and him coming up with a dozen ways how my project can be done in the most complicated way. I have failed to follow all his suggestions. I used a piece of maple and oak wood instead of black onyx and a green glass cabochon instead of a chrysoprase.

It took me about three month to complete the project (while new projects kept coming), but I’ve done it! It is still one of my jewelry objects that I am proud of.

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