St Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

St Valentine's Day is coming and I am asking myself: What other romantic gifts can we give besides just a simple card  to those who we love? 

This is what I've found on Etsy that unmistakably can be called romantic:

1) The cards that are vintage or personalized

Vintage card is from onestrangegirl
Personalized card is by MareLloba

2) Romantic toys for bedroom

Teddy bear is by NatalKaCreations
Red Bud Doll is by deniza17

3) Picture frames

Personalized frame is by 2ChicksAndABasket
Wood carved frame is by LazyRiverStudio

4) Special cups and even more special chocolate

"I love you forever" chocolate is by chocolatesays
Mr. and Mrs. Right cups are by TheCoolThing

5) Monogram or Love necklace
Silver monogram necklaces are by Natalia Khon

6) Extremely romantic wall decals!

"Paris" wall decal is by WallJems
Moon wall decal is by ChamberDecals

7) Something that neighbors will never see :)

Chemise Lingerie Dress is by HoneyCoolerHandmade
LaTeX underwear set is by MrsGravedigger

8) And something they will see and get jealous of :)

Personalized Tree Carving is by PictureItPersonal
The Romantic Swing is by cookiedolls

9) Something that will stay on your wall all year round

Wall clock decal kit is by Sognoametista
Romantic Wall Clock is by PilipArt

10)  One-day home decoration

Heart ornaments are by Lemiecreazionidarte
Heart wall decals are by WallDecalsEasy

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