Video DIY on how to wood burn. Guest post by VZBRELO

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This is a guest post by two ladies who chose woodworking as their profession. You can find a list of all their "behind the scene" and DIY posts here. They have quite a few of them in my blog! Today we have a chance to "peek over their shoulder" and to see how they actually work. Isn't it exciting? I was jumping on my chair waiting for the video to start! All I want now is to try the wood burning myself. See if it can inspire you in the same way!


Hello to all visitors of the blog! Today we are happy to share a detailed video DIY that shows how to wood burn an ornament on a wooden vase. BTW, it looks like this ornament is hard to make, but it is easier than you think. Watch for yourself!


Here how the vase looks like when finished:

We hope this video DIY is going to be useful to some of you!

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Maria and Tatiana of VZBRELO

#jewelleryfacts365 287/365 Diamond facts

After polishing, the diamond is re-examined for possible flaws, either remaining or induced by the process. Those flaws are concealed through various diamond enhancement techniques, such as re-polishing, crack filling, or clever arrangement of the stone in the jewelry. Remaining non-diamond inclusions are removed through laser drilling and filling of the voids produced.

Cracks and fractures in a diamond reduce its clarity, but can be treated by filling. Fracture filling utilises a glass-like material, which has similar optical properties to that of diamond. It will improve the diamond’s appearance by almost two clarity grades but is not a permanent treatment. Most obvious evidence of fracturefilled diamonds can be found in the bright flashes of changing colour that can be seen under proper lighting. Other evidence is the presence of bubbles in the fracture of the filler, or ‘crackled appearance’ of the filler. All these can be picked up by 10x magnification. [source].

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