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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#jewelleryfacts365 58/365 Platinum

Platinum is an extremely rare metal. It is the least reactive metal that has a high resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and is therefore hypoallergenic.

DIY by Darya Nikulina. Let's make a gorgeous swan brooch today!

Today we have a jewellery making lesson by Darya Nikulina. If you have never used any tools, that is ok! You need some skills in sewing to make a gorgeous brooch like this!


Hi all! I am Darya the beader. Today I would like to show you how to make this beautiful brooch!

You will need:

- A pencil, a brush, paper, scissors;
-  A piece of felt;
- A piece of leather (I had faux leather. You can also use a piece of felt or any fabric for the reverse side of the brooch);
- Stitching: cotton or silk;
- A needle for thick cotton stitching and a thin bead needle;
- A flat back crystal, 
- A filigree finding or pendant
- Seed pearls, seed beads and glass bugles (I recommend Czech and Japanese);
- Sequins and a dark bead to make the swan's eye;
- A pin;
- Filler (any filler will do);
- Paints for the fabric and acrylic lacquer for the beak.

Start with a sketch:

Cut out the template and transfer the image onto the felt:

Separately cut out a pair of wings:

Sew them on the swan's body, stuffing them with small pieces of felt:

The wings will get some dimension this way:

Now sew the filigree pendant and the crystal on:

Add some seed pearls and seed beads:

Then sew the sequins with a thick cotton stitching along one of the wings:

Sew the second row of the sequins just to the tail.

Then decorate the back of the swan with the glass bugles.

Decorate the swan's neck with the seed pearls:

Then the wings:

Now, when the decoration is finished, you can start embroidering the rest of the body with the double cotton stitching; then sew the eye on:

It is time to do some painting and add some drama to the bird's appearance!

After the paint has dried, cover the beak with the acrylic lacquer. It will become stronger and glossier.

When the beak is has dried again, cut all the extra felt off. Then cut out the reverse side of your brooch from leather, felt of any fabric. You can use your template or the brooch itself. 

Take the pin and pencil its contour on the leather back. Make two cuts at the ends of your mark:

Next, insert the pin, place the leather back onto the brooch and sewing them together:

Use the thick cotton stitching. Stuff the brooch while sewing. Use thin stitching and thin needle to sew around the beak:

Keep stuffing the brooch until the pin stops moving loosely.

All your hard work should turn into a beautiful brooch like this!

Thank you all for your attention! I hope you enjoyed this DIY project :)

Darya Nikulina
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