Jewellery masterpieces. Diamond necklace by Piget

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Necklace by Piaget. Coco Chanel invented this kind of necklace, which she showed in her first jewelry collection in 1932. It was called the Collier Comete. Jewelers had to figure out how to make a stretchable metal collar.

An item from my wish list

When my husband gave me a new smartphone, the first thing I did... I went to Etsy and looked through all the cases that I liked. Then I took a few days to really think about it and choose what was speaking to me. I love steampunk, so my choice narrowed done to just three cases. This one had gem stones, so I did not think for too long :) 

This case is from theminifab etsy shop. In reality it is a bit darker than the picture, but I like it better this way. In fact, I was only thinking for as long as I did, because it was too gold and too flashy in the picture. I am pleased it is not :) 

I have to say a few special words about Ryan, the shop owner. In his policy he guarantees 100% satisfaction and this is absolutely true. He is an awesome seller who will solve any problems for his customers.

If you are wondering what cases I was choosing from, you can see them at my Pinterest board
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