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Friday, September 25, 2015

Crescent hair pins are in again!

Have you seen this awesome hair pin by Chanel already? This is not the only sample (see my pinboard below for more pictures). 

I personally love all of them! This is so classy... and classic! Really, it is hard to come up with an awesome fashion jewelry style that did not exist already at some point.

Chanel Resort 2015
The crescent hair pins were in more than a hundred years ago!

Why were they so popular? What did they mean?

John Singer Sargent, Mrs. Mahlon Day Sands (Mary Hartpence) , 1893–1894
The MOON is sometimes thought of as female, mate to the male Sun. Keeper of the cycles and rhythms of time, nocturnal animals are associated with it. The archangel Gabriel is said to have as his abode the moon, and the crescent moon is one of the symbols of the goddess Isis. The moon also symbolizes death and rebirth in it's waxing and waning. (source

That was not the first time when the crescents were popular as jewelry pieces.

Do you know who else wore a crescent hair pin?


Pinboard for the crescent hair pins and more:

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