Necklace with opals and amolites

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is one piece out of 3-piece custom order. It has it's own story of creation... I won't tell all of it, just mention that it took lots of stone-hunting and design-developing. Of couse (as always) the picture does not show the real beauty of this 3-D piece with lots of colours and textures. It gives me a feeling of a holiday and reminds of the fireworks.... All the sparkles are natural, given by amolites, Ephiopean opals, citrines, garnet and iolites that make this piece very elegant despite so many colours. It is a big pendant, but not as big as it looks like on this neck-stand. The width is 9cm and the height is 8cm. I will try and keep it for a few days so I can enjoy looking at it :)

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