Seed-bead contest in Kiev, August, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

As a jewellery artist who started as a seed bead designer I still love jewellery made with the creative techniques available for the seed beads. My dear friends and co-founders of the International Association Art-Biser were traditionally invited to jury an International contest for the beaders that took place in the capital of Ukraine Kiev.

Look at all this beautiful and joyful jewellery! It is very sad really that we need a "special occasion" to wear something like this... and a "special" mood too. Can you imagine... there are countries where people wear all these gorgeous accessories just because it is sunny outside and everybody is dressed up as if they are going to a birthday party anyway? I am jealous...

These last three pictures are from the web-site of the magazine that holds the contest - Modnyi

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